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It’s that time of year when you want to spend time outside with your family and friends having a nice BBQ.  A BBQ is one of the best things people do when they get together to enjoy grilled food.  Before your next grill gathering, make sure to take a good look at your grill grates for rust.  Many times, people do not take care of their grill until it’s too late, with a little bit of maintenance, your grill will last a lot longer.

Rust is a major problem with outdoor grilling, rust is very bad to digest, it can make people sick and you should never cook food on a rusty grill.  Over time all grills get a little rusty, dirty and greasy, don’t let this happen to your grill.

The best way clean your grill grates are to preheat your grill to a very high temperature to burn off any leftover remnants from your last grilling.  Then once the grill has been preheated for at least 15 minutes, turn off the burners and open the lid to let the grill cool.

Once the grill has cooled down, take a wire brush and scrub the grill grates that make up the cooking surface, make sure to use the metal scraper to get in between the grates of the grill, you don’t want to miss anything.  After you have scrubbed the grill grates down, reheat the grill to a high temp for about 10 minutes, after 10 minutes, turn off the burners and open the lid, let the grill cool down for a few minutes, then take a clean wet rag and wipe down the grill grates, be careful not to burn your self, the grill will still be a little hot, the wet rag will give the grill a thorough washing and you can see by looking at the wet rag if there is still any rust, heavy grease or grime on the grates.  If the grill grates are still not clean start the process over again.

Be careful of grill grates that are starting to corrode.  Many less expensive grill grates are coated, and that coating will break down over time because of rust, which is not good.  Rusty grill grates are bad and should be replaced.

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